Cash withdrawals with Sonect are now also possible with TWINT

With the integration of Sonect into TWINT, all 5 million TWINT users can now withdraw cash.

· No additional app & registration required
· Cash withdrawal directly from bank account
· Cash withdrawal in over 2,300 Sonect shops, e.g. k kiosk or Volg
· Secure and easy

This is how it works:

1. Open TWINT + and select “Cash withdrawal”
2. Find a Sonect store near you
3. Select the amount and present the barcode at the cash desk
4. The sales clerk scans the barcode and pays out the desired amount

– Cash withdrawals up to and including CHF 100 cost CHF 1.
– Amounts over CHF 100 cost CHF 1.50 per transaction.

More information:

Find Sonect Shops near you: