LesEchos: L’appli qui transforme un commerçant en DAB virtuel arrive en France

Le groupe suédois Loomis se prépare à déployer dans l’Hexagone, via sa filiale française, un nouveau service qui permettra de retirer de l’argent avec son mobile chez les commerçants.

Franceinfo: Nouveau monde. Une application pour retirer de l’argent liquide chez les commerçants

Contre la disparition progressive des distributeurs de billets en zones rurales, une start-up suisse propose des “distributeurs virtuels”, sous forme d’une application mobile pour smartphones.

Sonect helps Migros Bank become one of Switzerland’s largest cash withdrawal networks

Hot on the heels of being recognised as the Next Global Hot Thing at the Digital Economy Award 2019, Sonect has achieved yet another milestone. A new partnership with Migros Bank means around 800,000 clients can now withdraw cash straight from their bank accounts using Sonect.

Migros Bank is one of the biggest names in the Swiss banking sector, and the latest to realise the advantages of the Sonect solution. This new partnership represents a significant step for Sonect in the domestic market, paving the way for further expansion in Switzerland to complement the company’s growth on the international stage.

It has also seen Migros Bank add a further 2,300 locations to its cash withdrawal network, taking the total to over 4,000. Using an app, Migros Bank clients can now withdraw cash at the cash register, including in stores that are not part of the Migros Group.

The amount withdrawn is debited directly from the client’s Migros Bank account. Clients can withdraw cash in k kiosk branches, Volg stores, Agrola petrol stations and at many other stores that are also offering this service at their cash registers.

This partnership underscores the benefits of the Sonect platform, which aims to create a win-win situation for banks, shops and customers by leveraging a crowd sourced cash infrastructure.. In just a very short time, Migros Bank has been able to expand its network of cash withdrawal points by 50%.

A cost-effective and practical alternative

Sonect will remain free for Migros Bank clients until the end of April 2020. From 1 May 2020, based on the services being used, a fee of CHF 0.99 per transaction will be charged to the client. However, Sonect will still be a significantly cheaper option than using an ATM at another bank and make it considerably easier for clients to access their money with a large network of convenient locations. ATMs at other banks charge a fee of CHF 2 per withdrawal.

Linking your account to Sonect

In order to use the Sonect network, Migros Bank clients must first install the Sonect app on their smartphone and then add their Migros Bank account. Clients can link their account to the Sonect app using their Migros Bank E-Pay ID.

“We are proud to have added such a prestigious name as Migros Bank to our platform. We are convinced that the addition of this service will create real added value for our new customers.” 

Sandipan Chakraborty, CEO and founder of Sonect

Cash Fintech Sonect Forms Migros Bank Partnership

Sonect has achieved yet another milestone. A new partnership with Migros Bank means around 800,000 clients can now withdraw cash straight from their bank accounts using Sonect.

Sonect snaps up €7.7 million in Series A funding

Zurich-based Sonect has snapped up €7.7 million in Series A funding, which will go towards expansion into new markets, growing its team and strengthening its technology.

Hypothekarbank Lenzburg in Fintech Deal

Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, a Swiss regional bank that supports the introduction of new banking solutions, has agreed with two fintechs to launch their product on its open platform.

Easy integration

Integrating new technology can be time-consuming and expensive. Not with Sonect. Our service is already included in several core banking systems. If your bank works with one of these systems, you can go live in just a few weeks. If you cannot find your system on the list, we will be happy to help you set up the service on your platform. In addition, it is very easy to integrate our SDK into your e-banking solution.

Satisfy customer needs

Sonect not only appeals to the digital natives, who expect ever newer, more modern and digital solutions from their bank, but also to customers for whom […]

Internationally licensed

Sonect is supervised by the Swiss government organisation VQF. In the EU Sonect has an E-Money Institution License (EMI) from the Bank of Lithuania (BoL) […]